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27/03/2020 1:16 pm  

How are you getting your R&R on? During these ever-changing times, it's difficult to ask people to truly "relax", but what are some things you're doing to stay calm and keep level headed despite the constant barrage of Covid-19 news and updates?

Somethings we're doing...

-Disconnecting from news outlets and limiting our check-in's to twice a day

- Looking at the bigger picture, and being realistic about what we personally are able to control. Ultimately, you can only control what YOU do. So follow protocols and be kind to yourself.

- Taking time for ourselves each day by either reading, dancing, napping, getting a massage from your partner or child (put those munchkins to work haha)

- Friend/Family Therapy: having a friend/family check-in with NO Judgement. say everything your feeling and know that no one will hold it against you. 

- Paint, draw, or photograph

- Keep a journal (looking back it'll be interesting to see how you felt in the moment, and when you get things out on paper it helps put things into perspective.)