(pronounced Mah – Boh – Nah)

This website was created to provide a “home” away from home for families like you to chat with myself and each other about the joys and pitfalls of parenthood, follow NY professionals who genuinely love people and want to share their expertise with you, and find resources around the city that may benefit you or someone you know!

Here is a brief overview of what this website contains as you navigate it…

  • The Bean Squad – This features professionals who are adept in their fields and have practical advice to share. Check out their posts to see their latest videos and topics that might interest you!
  • Series – A number of series are in the works where I share some of my favorite finds, recipes, local events, and childcare tips with you. 
  • The Bohnefides – An ever-growing list of resources about highly recommended restaurants and recipes, favorite products on the market, and tours of local playgrounds and parks all located in New York.
  • Chatterbox – A place to connect with parents like yourself who are searching for the answers to their most pressing questions. Check out the list of forums with topics ranging from breastfeeding, holistic care, shopping and playdates!

I’m excited to share all of my loves with you, and am looking forward to getting to know you all better as we build a community on this platform! Cheers to finding all things awesomesauce in New York!